Marli is endorsed by these organizations


These community leaders

  • Kent Mayor Dana Ralph
  • Kent City Council President Bill Boyce
  • Kent City Councilmember Dennis Higgins
  • Kent City Councilmember Satwinder Kaur
  • Kent City Councilmember Les Thomas
  • Renton Community Leader Marcie Maxwell
  • Kent Community Leader Hira Singh Bhullar
  • Kent Community Leader Sara Franklin
  • Kent Community Leader Leslie Hamada
  • Kent Community Leader Dee Klem
  • Kent Community Leaders Shamso Issak and Awale Farah
  • Former Kent School Board Director, Russ Hanscom
  • Kent School Board Member-elect Leslie Hamada
  • Kent School District Teachers Mark Friden, Noemi Rosario, Kathy Wallace
  • Renton Community Leader Marcie Maxwell

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And the average Kent resident

Marli's campaign supporters truly reflect the community she represents: 

  • Over 70% of Marli's donors are individuals giving $10 - $25
  • Several give smaller gifts, but on a recurring monthly basis
  • Marli has said no to endorsements that had strings attached

"No amount of money is worth compromising my integrity and my duty to represent my residents first and foremost," she says.